Mr. Vinayak and Shillka's house, Neemaya, is a stunning example of contemporary tropical architecture designed based on the principles of Kerala Vastu Shastra. The house boasts of an open concept layout, with private spaces seamlessly linked to the formal living, dining, family living, and kitchen areas. The floor plan includes level differences, adding a unique touch to the overall design, and geometric openings in the double-height spaces add to the aesthetic appeal of the house. The house features five bedrooms, each with attached toilets, ensuring comfort and convenience for the family and guests. The main attraction of the house is the interior, which features customized wallpapers that add a touch of personality and charm to each room. Overall, Neemaya is a beautiful and functional home that perfectly blends with contemporary tropical architecture

Year : 2022


Client Name : Mr. Vinayak & Shillka

Location : Ernakulam

Area : 5000 Sq Ft