Residence located at Nellad is an impressive and luxurious 5500 sqft pool house. The 4-bedroom house boasts expansive and lushfully designed bathrooms and courtyard concepts that create a vibe of open spaces. The open kitchen and pool feature stunning views from all three sides of the house, adding to the luxurious feel of the space. The interior is masterfully designed with elements of green spaces to create a calming and peaceful environment. A pooja space is thoughtfully included near the internal courtyard, while the verandahs leading to the bedrooms provide a stunning view of the surroundings. For fitness enthusiasts, a gym is provided on the first floor, while the balcony space is perfect for taking in the landscape views from the first floor. Overall, Mr. PRASANTH residence is a luxurious and well-designed space that is perfect for indulgence and relaxation

Year : Ongoing


Client Name : Mr. Prasanth

Location : Nellad

Area : 5500 Sq Ft